Writing in the face of tragedy

This country has suffered not one but two tragic events in the past week. There was the horrific bombing in Boston. Three innocent lives were lost in this act of terrorism, but great kindness was shown with strangers helping strangers. The city will heal. Then just when we started to catch our breath a small town in TX called West suffered from what appears to be a tragic accident. A fertilizer plant had a fire that turned into an explosion. There was another scene of death and destruction rolling on the tv.

In the face of all of this how do you move on?

 I am writing a thriller that includes a number of bombs. I went back through my manuscript to ensure that I had not accidentally written a how to manual. 

My next step was to free write, these words are not yet part of anything, in fact they may never see the light of day, but it felt good to let out the emotions.  As I started writing I didn’t edit or correct anything I just let my emotions and feelings flow freely. Then I got a good meal, took a shower and got back to my novel. 

I am encouraging everyone who has suffered from a tragedy to write, write until you feel the emotions leave or settle to a more normal level. You need not share your words, but allowing the release of these powerful emotions is a good thing.

Powerful emotions are like flowing water they need a place to go, writing gives them a safe outlet.

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