Where have I been ……..

Late Wednesday night I pulled away from my house. I needed a road trip and had come up with a series of reasons to go. So I was off and running, with Hubby napping in the back of my red van I headed north on I-95. I was Heading off to meet another one of my author friends BJ Sheldon.


BJ & I sat and talked, hubby decided to disappear to the gym. We were totally fine with that since we were so in the midst of gab. I don’t think there was a topic we skipped. Our trials and tribulations as authors working on manuscripts were of course at the top of our list.

After a few hours of chatting hubby returned and BJ had to be off attending to other things. We then climbed back in the van to explore a few of the landmarks BJ mentioned, especially the haunted hospital on post. Who better than BJ of course to know where the nearest haunted building would be located.

The Walson Army Hospital at Fort Dix.
The Walson Army Hospital at Fort Dix.

Well my ghostly curiosities satisfied we were off again, this time our mission was to get a gift for my sister in law. We stopped off in Lakewood NJ, it has a huge Jewish community. We obtained the gift, found a snack and rolled towards my favorite Sub shop.

Nopt it’s not in Philly. It’s in Parkside PA a tiny town near where I grew up. Phil & Jims makes the best cheesesteaks. With my cheesesteak craving now satisfied I was off and running to the local grocery store for tastykakes  and Herr’s chips. yep more local  Philly flavors. The goodies loaded into my van or consumed we were rolling south to Andrews Air Force base for some much needed rest.

Day 2 will be posted tomorrow.

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