The pain of editing is leaving

I had been stuck on editing the early chapters of this novel for weeks now. There are a number of reasons I was stuck. The road trip I blogged about and other life related things didn’t help me have a lot of time to write. Then there was the pain of tearing apart my words and stitching them back together in a new order.

Add in the fact that I had to write whole new sections that had never seen the light of day, the pain and challenge seemed overwhelming. So I put it off, well on the road trip I realized that if I let it slide to long I would risk never finishing it. I decided in the last 1000 miles I would have to start writing again soon.

When I got home the plot bunnies were not bouncing or giving me any ideas, I tried anyway. I started in on a new novel I hope will become a sequel to one I am editing.

A few days later inspiration struck in a hospital waiting room with my husband. He was having corrective eye surgery. I started in on the fresh material even though I had no idea how to weave it into the current chapters. You don’t want a thriller that starts out boring, or the pages just wont get turned.

Finally the right way to get everything stitched together nicely came to me. So as I watched my husband begin to heal the pain of editing was leaving me was well.

I was totally relieved. Today I began stitching the new material in with the old material. The pain of editing has left my body. The plot bunnies are bouncing around again, and I am finally getting some inspiration.

I will make it work!Image

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