The day the lights went out

I was happily working on chapter 9 when the doorbell rang. I went to the door to find out that they were installing an electric meter and our power would be out for about 30 minutes. Okay 30 minutes is not that bad. Unfortunately something went wrong.

One on the breakers that controls the power to the house broke and needed to be replaced. The maintenance staff didn’t have the part in stock. They called around and eventually found the part. By this time I was antsy and wanting to back to my dear plot bunnies. This was not to happen until the power was restored. To make matters worse I had gone grocery shopping this very morning.

My new activity became pacing I wanted to write…..

My dear fur babies took the outage in stride, but then lack of electricity is no reason to stop a cat nap.

Finally 5 hours and 30 minutes after the power went out the part arrived. I watched them install it, having been all but abandoned by my dear plot bunnies. So I went about the job of restarting the numerous devices in the house.

Then dinner time arrived. I hope that after I have filled my tummy the dear plot bunnies will return.

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