Ouch, I’m on crutches

Okay I have to start out by saying I have a bad right ankle, I’m well aware of this.

So I went and twisted my ankle, not even badly, well not the first time. Just that little roll was enough to land me on crutches. Then my dear kitten Philip (yep my water lovin’ cat) goes and trips me on the crutches. Well can we say more damage was the result.

I went back to the doc, and well the result is I’m stuck for 3-4 weeks. Now add that to the fact I HATE crutches with a passion, and I hate not being able to do stuff and we get to the heart of the issue.

So after much angst and trying to wriggle out of this I was stuck on the sticks.

Well a few falls more and I contacted Doc again. I remembered we still have my Mom’s wheel chair. Not ideal but I can use my hands, so it’s an improvement. His response was “I don’t care what you use just stay off that thing and stop falling. If the chair helps you by all means USE it.”

Cats in chair
Yep the even go for rides.

Well it seems I am not the only one who likes my chair.

Yes they still get in the way, but I can do things, at least some things for myself again. The chair has taught them it’s better to be on my lap or up high than on the ground, when I am rollin’ around.

Oh and to top everything off I have two Army Wife functions to attend this week. Can you say I’ll be on a roll. (yes bad pun intended)

On the bright side, I may just may find more time to pound keys.

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