My Conversion to Scrivener

I had been writing in word for years. I think most of have used word at some point in our writing lives, even if just for a school paper. I owned not one but two copies of scrivener. I had both the mac and pc versions.  My mac is dedicated to writing. There are no games on it and I don’t want them there. My PC is for fun time or applications that won’t work on mac.

While I supported the product by spending money, in the end it was a piece of software I never used. It was like that scarf your aunt makes for you every year, you don’t know what to do with it, so it ends up on a shelf in the closet.
Oh I’d tried but the mere thought of moving my beloved baby into this new realm scared me. So I decided to start small I built a character database in the program.
Then I never accessed the database since it was in a separate program from my writing.

I continued to muddle through and leave that piece of software on my computer always saying “I’ll start my next project on it.”

I did try to use for a Nanowrimo in 2014 but since it was so unfamiliar I ended up copying and pasting what little I had done over to word to finish November. Yes I won Nano and got yet another discount code.

In 2015 I entered a free writing competition called Pitch Wars. That competition changed my life. No, I’m not exaggerating. I made a new life long friend who has become my editor and started her own editorial business. Judy L Mohr has literally changed how I approach my writing.

Judy took the time to move my manuscript to scrivener , she even built the character database. I sorely needed that database. Judy has become my own personal writing challenge buddy and partner in crime. I’m sure we’ll be teaming up to figure out scrivener 3.0 when it is finally released.

We seem to make a great team, so it goes to show you that you never know what opportunities will present themselves if you just look around.

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