My Birthday and other things

My husband is nearly panicking. My birthday is in three days. It’s the 7th of November, then there’s Hanukkah shortly after that. He doesn’t know what to get me.

I have few issues buying things for him, he has a hobby that makes it easy. He makes homemade beer. There are a ton of things you can buy that relate to that. Trust me I’ve spent more than I should on his hobby this year.

My hobby is writing. While there are books about how to write novels out there by the ton, I’ve already bought the few that I want. I already have the software I need for plotting and writing. I’m not into jewelry, makeup or clothes. I’m really a jeans and t shirt kind of person and happy that way. The only other thing I’m into is gadgets, namely electronics, but again I have the ones I want, so… Again nothing to buy there. What do i want? I want more than anything to finish the novel I started in 2012 and get it published. I’d tell him to throw me a party but being an army wife most of the people I’d want at the party are over a hundred miles away. Let’s see there’s a best friend in Minnesota, a few friends in Oklahoma, a fellow author and army wife in NJ, and a writing buddy in the UK, so that really doesn’t work either. The things I want are plot ideas, time to write, a cure for writers block, a few good nights sleep, and to finish that novel and work on the next one.

David, if you really want to do something I’d love create a few characters for me. It’s harder than you think. Read my work, help me tie in the old and the new stuff. There’s nothing in a store other than the few things I’ve asked for. I have a feeling you already got one of them. I will admit that a case of Diet Chocolate cream soda would be good too.

Otherwise just keep doing what you’re already doing.

I love you David. I’m sorry I don’t have a hobby that lends itself to buying things, it does lend itself to me spending hours upon hours at the keyboard, often mumbling to myself or the cats.

Oh and one final note eating cake and ice-cream with just you and the cats doesn’t sound like fun. I’d rather be writing.

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