My absence….

First I must apologize to my readers. I am sorry for my long absence in blogging. While many things have been going on they have not been suitable for blogging. I don’t like blogging about other peoples issues I have been busy with a large number of things, just when they were calming down the Jewish High Holidays arrived. The arrival of the holidays extended my absence.

That being said the novel is progressing though it is going a bit slower than I would like.  As a reward here is an excerpt from the thriller ….


With her Sig drawn and an extra clip in her back pocket, she got out of the car and cautiously entered the bar. Seeing no sign of the old men or anyone else, she began to search the entire building. Dread built in the pit of her stomach. Was she too late? There was evidence of bullets and shotgun blasts marking all of the walls. Broken glass mixed with booze crunched under her feet as she searched. Finding nothing on the lower floor, she headed cautiously up the stairs.

Upon reaching the apartment on the upper level of the bar, she encountered a locked door. Just as she was about to knock, she heard the distinct sound of a shotgun being cocked.



Well that’s it for now. I will write again soon.

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