Here’s the 8 sentences I promised a while back…

First an apology I’ve been swamped with stuff to do other than my blog or any kind of writing. I did miss the chance to get my link in with Weekend Writing Warriors but here are my 8 any way. (Yes this tells you why the radio wasn’t used.) To view my previous 8 for context click here.

I would have answered, but it took the brunt of a knife attack.” Collin replied as he produced the broken radio.  “Lets get everyone down stairs before anyone else shows up.”

“Agreed,” replied Kate as she radioed Dominic that they were reentering the church.  With everyone cleared out of the church and loaded in the back of the van Collin drove it around behind the church to the monks’ entrance.  Using Dominic’s keys Collin unlocked the door. Before entering he called out, to alert the old men. Just then Sam the cat ran out. Paul scrambled after Sam, who was distracted by a bug.  Paul retrieved the cat as the last of the prisoners was being carried down the steps.

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