Fun places to write

What did I just write?
What did I just write?

I’m a writer, as in I have to write to silence the characters in my head that are begging to have their stories told. I really have no choice, I must write.

I admit most of my writing is done in my own personal niche in the garage. Yes, I said in the garage. Don’t worry the weather wont bother me. I have a heater for winter and a fan for summer. I even have a comfy chair for visitors to my lair.

I do occasionally venture out of my lair. Where do I go?

Some days I sit outside, but only in the shade. Other times I’ll go do Denny’s and sit for hours since they have free wifi. There are even times I sit in my van at my favorite sonic and play with words. I can’t always sit in my lair or writing would become a chore. I love my words and need influences from the world around me, this means I have to get out and see the world.

Tell me where you like to write?

P.S. I never said I keep my niche completely clean or I’d never get to my words.

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