Chapter 4

Well chapter 4 is done. It’s been sent off to Dad for editing. I had not done a good job describing the setting in chapter 4 so some last minute research was needed. After scouring the web for photos and using a phone a friend, I was able to complete it. 

I then took a break and watched some tv. I watched an older episode of Iron Chef America with hubby and the fur kids.


     Chapter 5 of course is next. After I spend a few hours at the Airborne and Special Operations Museum in the morning. I am grateful for Dad pushing me to get this done and edited.  I could never get this book ready, or even close to publication without his help. 


  1. that’s wonderful! Congratulations! Keep going, and good for you for doing your research. It’s so disheartening to read a story and know for certain the author doesn’t know what they’re talking about. I encourage you to keep it up! And yes, gotta love the fur kids, they are the best of companions. Not the best editors, but I’m sure they mean well.

  2. When the fur kids try and help with the editing it gets real interesting, I love auto save. I research everything that is not fiction in my story, I want it to be fun but accurate at least to a point. I will of course take some literary license with some things, especially places or companies I create in my head.

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