Changes since I started writing

The more I write the more things change. The ¬†words on the paper certainly change, but so do my surroundings and where I get the most done. At one point it was the recliner in the other room, then it was the living room, now it varies depending on what I’m writing and if I’m editing.

I find I need to edit in short bursts, writing means leave me alone until I tell you otherwise.

So what else has changed, I seem to write at Denny’s more often these days. I’ve always been a night time writer and my Denny’s trips are no exception. I tend to show up between 11pm and midnight. I leave around dawn. (Remember hubby is deployed, and I can assure you the cats don’t care)

So what else has changed?

The background noises I enjoy.

There are days the television, usually with a news channel on is fine, there are other days I can’t handle the television at all.

There are days I want classical music, but that’s been a while. The latest sounds on my iPod are Madison Rising.

They are a patriotic rock band. I’ve recently also discovered that my car stereo has a max volume of 38. They have one of the most amazing renditions of the Star Spangled Banner I’ve ever heard. You really should look them up, at least watch the national anthem.

What else has changed my courage to submit a query letter is slowly building, I just keep thinking my manuscript isn’t ready yet, almost but not yet. On that note I’m currently entered in a competition called Pitch Wars. There are over 1,500 entrants vying for one of 101 slots. The decisions will be announced on September 2nd unless Brenda Drake moves the date up. (She loves surprising people.)

I promise no matter the outcome on September 2nd I will keep pounding the keyboard and doing my best to make this manuscript shine.

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