What is ahead

Well I’ve been very busy of late. Hence my lack of blog posts.

I’m almost ready to publish my book. I’m hard at work getting everything in place. I’m still on the fence as to wether I’m self publishing or going the agent route. I’m probably going the self publishing route for my first book, we’ll see after that.

I’ve got a ceremony for a WWII veteran coming up on January 11th.

The date has been changed numerous times due to circumstances beyond anyones control, there was the holidays, then the death of a local medal of honor recipient.

I’ve got a few other things I can’t blog about because some of the people involved follow my blog posts.

I’m working on finding just the right cover for my book, and what I hope is the final series of edits.

I found an editor I think will be fun to work with as far as plot lines. I have to also mention all of the hours my Dad has put into editing my novel. He’s awesome.

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