Volunteer Luncheon

I was voluntold by several people to attend a luncheon today. With me being on crutches and using a wheel chair for bigger outings I was reluctant. I am also not a fan of praise for the volunteer things I do, I prefer to fly under the radar.

I want to share with you the lovely word my husband wrote about me and my volunteer work (He didn’t want to write the blog post so…)

My wife Ann:

Ann does more good than anyone knows.

She is always smiling, and willing to help.

She’ll get up at 3am to make coffee for the FRG, or make beds for returning soldiers. She’ll even turn the living room into a warehouse or drive cross-country to get something that’s needed.

She’ll stay up late listening to a vet friend who just needs an ear.

Then at the Airborne & Special Operations Museum she’ll watch and chat with visitors, and take a few photos.

Sometimes she surprises me. To quote her when I told her she was getting an award and the XO had been asking about her.

“The best way to see into my heart is to read my blog.”

I can’t count the times she’s told me she’s up to something with that grin, and it’s always good mischief.

She’s an angel at heart, a true Soldiers Angel. (As long as she’s had her coffee.)Image

This is the award I received I could not have achieved this without the help of my Soldiers Angels friends. Wingtip to wingtip we can do anything. I thank all of my angel friends and supporters.

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