I’m saving that for ….

I was looking through a number of photos and items from my mom’s old house. My mother passed away a few years ago. Many of the items I found were still brand new in the packaging. She was always saving it for something special. Well I’ve decided that if I buy something for a special occasion that it had better have a date.

I have been a Flybaby that’s a follower of Flylady for over a decade. I have decluttered many times only to regather some but not all of what I rid myself of. So it is getting progressively better, but I gasped when I found a shirt I’d been saving that was ruined and it still had the tags on it.

Flylady teaches us that if you don’t love it don’t keep it, set it free to bless someone else. So I’ve decided to make that my focus with a twist. If I buy it have a date for which it is being used, if I can’t come up with a  date or event don’t buy it.

I have heard tell of many stories where a loved one passes away and upon going through their things they find several that were never used. I don’t want to be that statistic. I don’t need an event to use a pretty teacup, any day can be made special if I’m wearing the shirt with the rhinestones. Is there a rule that says I can’t use a table cloth on a Thursday? Since I don’t think any of these are true I’m going to free myself up to use those special items or set them free to bless someone else.

A note about flylady. It is a whole life organizational system. It teaches you how to set your life up for success. It helps you break down even the largest of tasks into 15 minutes sized chunks and how to spend an extra two minutes to keep your bathroom clean. It wont tell you how to get rid of a stain, it will teach you how not to have a kitchen full of dirty dishes. It will let you have friends and family over even on the spur of the moment.

I could go on for pages explaining how Flylady has changed my life, but I won’t, at least not on this post. All I can say is I went from the worst housekeeper / manager ever to company ready on 5 minutes notice. No it didn’t happen overnight, but it did happen. Seriously give it a try, they even have tips for getting kids and how to keep their rooms from being the land of the lost.

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