I think I live in Mayberry

I live in a place where kids still play outside and neighbors still talk to each other. I can ask any random neighbor for a favor and have no worries. I have to be careful when I’m driving home to make sure I don’t run into a child on a bike. From what I hear this is not what the average person in America experiences in this day and age.

I live on a US Army base, in fact it’s a mega base (aka a huge base). It’s a small city, we have two grocery stores (commissaries) and two stores for general merchandise (PX) and seven convenience stores (Shoppettes). There are a number of schools on base and a hospital, I really don’t have to leave base if I don’t feel like it. We even have a a post office, library and bowling ally. There are places to eat, and play right here.

I think the reason we all respect each other, for the most part is that everyone on base understands what its like when a loved one is deployed, hurt or just can’t talk about work. I hear the planes from the flight line and the guns from the ranges. To me these sounds are normal and are the sounds of freedom. The noise may occasionally drown out the television but it’s worth it. I feel very safe on base, to the point i have fallen asleep (unintentionally) with my doors unlocked and when I awoke everything was just fine. My neighbors know and look out for my cats.  The grocery store even takes your groceries out the your car for you, try finding that service in most places these days. I am truly blessed to enjoy such an environment.

I wish there were more places like this left in this country, I find it very sad that more people don’t have the same experiences I do. Yes, I move every few years but the military is like a family. Know we don’t all know each other but, when one of us needs help we all chip in.

I think America would be a much better place if there were more places like this and more people could experience what I have by being an Army wife. I’m issuing a challenge to each and every person out there to try the following:

  • Say hi to a neighbor
  • Take your kids out to play, yes tear them away from the gadgets for a while
  • Help a neighbor carry in their groceries
  • Sit outside once in a while, you never know who you’ll meet
  • Talk to a member of the local police, just to say Hi

Just try it you never know what you’ll start.

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