Another Rewrite…..

I have spent a few days tweaking the first 2 chapters again. I am not making drastic changes mostly tweaking dialogue and tightening up some of the less important scenes. 

I have also been working on chapter 6, yes working on two sections of the book at the same time. I have never done two different sections of the book at the same time, so it’s a new adventure. I have been enjoying the switching between the time frames in the book. 

As if that wasn’t enough the plot bunnies are blessing me with the start of a new project. Not at all sure where it’s going but…. The foundation is being bounced out by the bunnies. 

The bunnies, Mr. Jackrabbit, and the hamster in my head are all characters of mine and hubby’s creation. If I could only find an artist, the little stories he makes up would be a cool cartoon book, or a calendar.

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