I’ve been keeping a HUGE secret….

I can finally share the huge secret that I’ve been working on for the past year. Well since May of 2016, so almost a year. You have no idea how many times I wanted to say something, but didn’t because it needed to be kept quiet for a variety of reasons, at least my involvement was kept quiet.

If you’ve dissected every social media post and comment you might have caught the faintest of glimmers. Otherwise you’ve been in the dark. Even my in-laws didn’t know until Thanksgiving, but I swore them to secrecy as well. Well the paper work …

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I’m a moth to a flame

I thought I was walking away from writing. I was heartbroken. Our cat Phillip had knocked a hard drive with all of my writing on it off my desk. I know you are supposed to have backups. So how did this happen?
I had discovered that the external I had used for years was dying, it was the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. So I grabbed my new external and moved everything to it. I didn’t have a second drive handy and figured I’ll go …

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An Apology, sort of….

I want to apologize to my Facebook and twitter followers for flooding them with information about the tornado. Why I did it needs to be explained. I lived in the Moore OK area, and worked there for 10 years. I have a large number of followers from that part of the country. 

I felt helpless and wanted to do what I could from my current home in NC. So after a frenzied night of trying to write while keeping up I came up with something I could do and not keep flooding my writer friends. 

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Flash Fiction 3 Tornado

Note I lived through the May 3rd 1999 tornados in Oklahoma. I almost drove right into the storm.

Sounds of a train fill my ears, no tracks are near.

The rain lashes the window, the walls appear to breath.

Shelter is needed, but it is too late, the storm is here.

A closet will have to do as the sounds of the train roar through.

Things rattle and shake, you’d think it was a quake.

The hail pelts the windows, as I shiver in place.

Crashing and smashing is heard.

Will I have a home, flashes through my mind.

The …

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Writing in the face of tragedy

This country has suffered not one but two tragic events in the past week. There was the horrific bombing in Boston. Three innocent lives were lost in this act of terrorism, but great kindness was shown with strangers helping strangers. The city will heal. Then just when we started to catch our breath a small town in TX called West suffered from what appears to be a tragic accident. A fertilizer plant had a fire that turned into an explosion. There was another scene of death and destruction rolling on the tv.

In the face of all of this how …

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A haircut that ended my writers block

I had long hair, it was about halfway down my back. I had been telling my husband I was going to cut it off for months. Well yesterday I decided to actually do it.

I went short real short. Then as I was driving home something happened. My writers block lifted as I arrived at home. If I didn’t know better I’d say the hair was the cause of the writers block, but…. I think it was more the feeling of having done something fun.

My hair now takes 2 minutes to wash versus 10 minutes and there is something …

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Editing is painful

After much angst and many struggles I decided I need to rewrite some of the early chapters of my manuscript. It was painful for me to have to tear apart the words I had written and polished several times over, but it was necessary.

After some chocolate to strengthen my resolve to cut and splice my work  sat down at the keyboard….

What happened?

I just couldn’t change it that much. So what I did was start something else. Yep I tinkered with another writing project. This got the plot bunnies bouncing. After toying with the outline for what will …

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What have I been up to?

Well I took a road trip. Why? I turned a simple trip that could have been done in 2 days and turned it into a 3000 + mile road trip. Why?

I decided that using the car and driving I could get more done.

I left my home in NC and headed out for OK. I did have a traveling companion, Philip our kitten.


Philip had never been on a long road trip before, but he eventually adjusted.

I stopped in OK to see my Dad. The went on to Fort …

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Attention to detail….

Observing many of the people around me I have noticed something. There are many who seem to pay little or no attention to detail. Now none of these people are writers, they are just your average person. 

Perfect example: cashier and cigarettes

Customer: I want a pack of x brand 100’s, in a box.

Cashier: Ok, then walks to the display behind her to get them.

Customer: I asked for the 100’s

Cashier: oh sorry, returns to rack, comes back again

Customer: I wanted brand X 100’s in a box, this is a soft pack

I will said on the …

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