Thanksgiving 2016

Stop the presses!!!

I’ve been asked so many times for my Thanksgiving day advice I put it all on it’s own page


No I know it’s not yet Thanksgiving this post is about how you can have less stress planning that big meal. Now if you are cooking another holiday meal with a similar menu many of these tips and tricks will still work.


Step 1: I plan a huge menu, more than I usually cook, but no one be me sees the big plan. Once I have every possible thing …

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Hubby was in the field, what was I doing?

That’s right David was in the field most of the month of November. While the hubby was away what did the wife do?

  • I went out for my birthday with a friend to red robin, they give free birthday burgers if you join their loyalty club.
  • I’ve been writing, of course.
  • I was sending goodies out to the field as often as I could.
  • I was working on a super secret project, you’ll find out more about that after the new year.
  • I am learning to write html, yes I know it’s long past time and I finally am …

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