My thoughts on Valentines Day

In one week many people will be spending money on flowers, candy jewelry and the like. This one day has been made a focal point in numerous relationships. I think this is wrong. It should not be the one day of affection and love showered on a couple that sets the tone for their whole relationship. I think it’s the little things that one does every day for their partner or spouse that should set the tone.

I do countless small things for my husband on many days of the year. First if you don’t know me you must realize my husband is a member of the United States Army. I am very proud of him for wearing the uniform. Some of the small things I do for him are simple and take only a few moments others take a bit more planning.

Here is a list of some of them:

  1. I get up after he leaves for PT, and lay out a clean uniform for his return.
  2. I will make him breakfast, no not everyday, but some of them, especially when I know he has a rough day ahead of him
  3. I have gotten up as early as 1am to make sure him and some of his buddies can get a hot home cooked breakfast before heading to the field for training for a few weeks.
  4. I slip notes and his favorite snack, or poggie bait into his pockets or his assault pack.
  5. I deliver food and other little things to him during the regular duty day or when he pulls a 24 hour shift. 
  6. I have been known to put together his dress uniform when he is too tired and worn out from his busy days.
  7. I pick up various uniform pieces he needs, these are not always easy to find.
  8. Having a hot meal ready when he comes home from the field
  9. Waiting in a parking lot for 8 hours to see him for 2 minutes just because I knew he’d be there at some point.

 This is just a partial list, I am sure there are more. I think these small acts show more love and caring throughout the year than anything I could do on that one day everyone wants to focus on.

Will I do anything for Valentines day? Probably but I tend to go with humor. Most likely I will get him a card from the cats and maybe a gift from me, but it won’t be huge, or if it is a large gift it was something we were looking at buying anyway. 

Am I telling you to ignore this holiday?

No, not at all. Feel free to celebrate the 14th of February. I just want you to remember the other 364 days of the year. Find a way to show how much you love your partner or spouse every day.

David I couldn’t be more in love with you or prouder of you. I also love all of the little  things you do for me.

With a few tears in my eyes I think it’s time to return to working on my novel…..



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