Holidays apart, and other Army wife holiday dilemmas

If you follow me on twitter you know my husband is deployed. His unit wont be home for the holidays. I’m not alone in these issues this is just my take on it.

Thanksgiving alone, nope I’m not cooking. In fact in some ways I¬†welcome this. I will miss out on some of my holiday favorites but my waist line may end up the winner here.

Hanukkah alone, I will join my local Jewish community for some events. Other nights I will kindle the candles alone or via Skype with my husband.

Christmas, I’m Jewish so I don’t celebrate it. Others have to decide if they are going to celebrate or wait. I can’t tell you what I’d do but I’ve seen families take both paths.

New Years, yep alone again. I will most likely be found pounding away on my keyboard watching people freeze in times square. I can sit at home, nice and warm and drink some wine and write. Fruit wine and cheese seem to be my ideal solution to this evening.

In short I’m not worried or upset by the fact I may be alone on a special day. I’m proud to be an Army wife and this is just part of that life. I married a soldier being apart is part of the equation, at times I really miss my husband but when it comes to my writing I must admit it can be nice not to have him around. He’s a distraction though I love him dearly. I write more when he’s not by my side.

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