Flash Fiction… The Struggle

Her struggle was not evident to the outside. Her pain internal. The fight she fought on a daily basis, to stay in control. No one knew the fight within her soul. No one knew her struggle for control. Her struggle was with her own demons, they haunted her in the dark. Nights were the worse. Some days the beast would win, other times she won the fight. Her love for others helped keep the demons at bay. Could she help enough to slay the beast?

One tragedy provided her with the chance to slay the beast once and for all. A family suffering a tragedy she could not fathom. With the help of some angels and a chaplain, she reached across the miles to help. Finally the demons from her past were gone.

She felt her past had been erased by helping others, since she had failed to help herself. The joy of others was now her own. Hopefully there were many blessings to be found in her future.

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