Why I refuse to hide the fact that I’m a US Army Wife.

First let me state that in my unsolicited and semi informed opinion ISIS or ISIL (same group two names) is a terrorist group. Their goal is to create terror and chaos in the region and cause fear throughout the world. They post videos of their violence online for a number of reasons. Some of the most obvious reasons are: an attempt to influence the actions of the countries fighting against them, to recruit new members who aspire to such evil, lastly to terrorize everyone. They want us to cower and hide in fear.

This is the definition of terrorism …

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The hardest lessons

I’ve found myself getting a crash course in showing not telling. I never realized how much of it I did. Well it’s all getting fixed now.


A man wearing a custom-made shirt and expensive trousers walked through the living room, contemplating his new business venture. He knew that security should be increased but was hesitant to do it; he was reluctant to involve outsiders. He then strode down the hall and opened a door that gave the appearance of a closet. Once inside the empty closet, he flipped on a light switch, then opened the door at the back, …

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Hickory tree, plaque at Freedom Memorial Park to commemorate N.C National Guard units – fayobserver.com: Local News

Hickory tree, plaque at Freedom Memorial Park to commemorate N.C National Guard units – fayobserver.com: Local News.


This WWII Vet is an amazing man, I wrote a blog about Edward Middleton’s  story previously.


I’ve decided to honor a WWII vet who is truly an amazing man. First let me say that I know this man personally. I have volunteered with him at the Airborne & Special Operations Museum in Fayetteville North Carolina.

Ed was born in Baltimore Maryland in 1919. He grew up during the Great Depression. …

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What is ahead

Well I’ve been very busy of late. Hence my lack of blog posts.

I’m almost ready to publish my book. I’m hard at work getting everything in place. I’m still on the fence as to wether I’m self publishing or going the agent route. I’m probably going the self publishing route for my first book, we’ll see after that.

I’ve got a ceremony for a WWII veteran coming up on January 11th.

The date has been changed numerous times due to circumstances beyond anyones control, there was the holidays, then the death of a local medal of honor recipient.

I’ve …

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How a Cuties Clementine made me laugh

It was a normal Wednesday David was already out the door, I was sitting eating some food with my coffee. I won’t call it breakfast, since it was leftovers from dinner the other night. (I’m not a huge fan of breakfast foods, at least not first thing in the day.) After my turkey sausage and mac n cheese I grabbed a cuties clementine.


Well as the box says they as supposed to be seedless. Well this one was far from seedless. At first I was annoyed at the seeds, then it soon …

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Interview with Author Joshua Johnson

After allowing Joshua Johnson to write a few guest blog posts I finally got him to scribble out answers to a few questions. His second book Soulless just came out.


1a) How do you handle writers block?

To be honest, I don’t get writers block very much during the actual writing of the book. That’s because I outline beforehand, and so I can usually solve any problems out there. I find it’s much easier to delete …

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Taming the sea of words

Staring at a sea of words that had been written, many in haste others in desperation it was now time to wade through the sea and focus the tide. Editing was painful at first the words had become almost like children, she didn’t want to cut a single one. Yet it must be done.

Slowly one word, then another. Some erased others changed. Soon entire sentences were moved, erased or sculpted to fit the needs of the story. Tears flowed at times as discipline was forced on the children of the page.

It was hard and tedious but the knowledge …

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What A Busy Time Of Year

Don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining but I’ve been so busy I have been wanting to  write but there has been little time. So what have I been up to? Well let’s see: I’ve been doing nanowrimo. That is where you write 50,000 words in thirty days. Yes that means writing. I’ve also been a bit under the weather I slept for three days this week. Thankfully I’m feeling better. Thanks for asking.

To add to all of this I’ve been helping coordinate Jewish activities here at Fort Bragg. Hanukkah starts the day before, yes I …

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Flash Fiction: Their Love

He wasn’t one to buy her flowers, he didn’t write her poems. He gave more to her than all of that combined was worth. He helped her with her hobbies. He cheered her on when all seemed lost. No matter what he was always being supportive, even if he had to do the dishes. He loved her with all his heart.

His love was not in vain she would rise early to ensure he had food. She was always remembering the little things that do make a difference. She would forgo sleep to spend time with him even if it …

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My Birthday and other things

My husband is nearly panicking. My birthday is in three days. It’s the 7th of November, then there’s Hanukkah shortly after that. He doesn’t know what to get me.

I have few issues buying things for him, he has a hobby that makes it easy. He makes homemade beer. There are a ton of things you can buy that relate to that. Trust me I’ve spent more than I should on his hobby this year.

My hobby is writing. While there are books about how to write novels out there by the ton, I’ve already bought the few that I …

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