The Cry of the Words (Flash Fiction)

The words on the page cried out, each demanding to stay. None wanted to be deleted or changed in anyway. That was not what was going to happen. Changes were coming.

A deft hand was required to cut only the fluff, the tough stuff had to remain. It was the heart of the story.

To show or tell, she had to decide. There was no need to show a blank countryside. The tale was shown, a few bits told, since everything need not be detailed.

The words were hers and she would force them to paint the scene in her head.

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Interacting with Law Enforcement 

First off you must know I’m an Army wife and a huge supporter of the law enforcement community. I interact with some level of law enforcement daily, as in every time I drive onto a base. 
1. Law enforcement officers are humans, they are doing a largely thankless job.

2. The news has less than 1% of people’s interactions with law enforcement officers.

3. If you are honest and polite they are a lot more likely to work with you.

4. In some situations their hands are tied, they can’t not take you to jail if you have an …

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Brad Thor, I blame you for changing my life. (For the better)

First those of you who don’t know me, I must confess I’m a huge Brad Thor fan.

  • Seriously, I blame you for two to three sleepless nights a year, yes your books are that good.
  • For getting me to start writing again
  • For me finishing my manuscript
  • For getting me on a plane for the first time in three years
    • I had a gift to deliver so my husband David takes some of the blame for this one.
  • For getting me and countless other Americans to open our eyes and take a serious look …

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My bucket list

it seems that this time of year brings up two common topics of conversation. Resolutions and bucket lists. Personally I gave up on the resolution angle years ago. I was chatting with my in-laws and the topic of bucket lists came up. I decided to sit down and give it some serious thought.

  • I want to meet several @Foxnews personalities, some of them are contributors  others are hosts.
    • @SeanHannity
    • @Greta
    • Dr Charles Krauthammer
    • The Crew from @TheFive
    • Sheppard Smith

These are the names that come to mind at the moment. I’m a news junkie so …

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An amazing server made our night….

A spur of the moment decision took us to On the border. Well we were not sure what to expect with the restaurant being so slow, but we went for it anyway. There were a few brave souls on the patio, we opted for the dining room.

Shortly after getting our guacamole live I was freezing. For those of you who don’t know I’m always cold. Our wonderful server Heather suggested we move to a table in a section that had a fireplace. She started the gas fireplace just for us. Then she set the table closest to the fire …

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