Why I drive in….

Well since I seem to be on a service kick…

Yes I’m talking about Sonic Drive In. I have a favorite location it’s in Fayetteville NC on Skibo rd, yep the one across from that big box store that’s always crowded. Okay I’ve been going there so long, half of the staff knows my vehicle and sometimes they have my drink ready before I can hit the red button. Yep I get the same thing, every time I’m there.


First I can be just plain lazy, no need to get out of the car. Second the staff there is …

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PDQ a company that does it right!

Like most Americans I eat more fast food than is responsible, but I recently found a new favorite. PDQ, I was blown away by the food, they make it all fresh, and the quality shows. The staff is friendly and outgoing and downright amazing. As if awesome chicken tenders weren’t enough, they are hands down the most wheelchair friendly business I have visited! No comparison, not even handicapped accessible hotel rooms are this easy to deal with. 

I went in with my husband and found my favorite soda machine the Coke Freestyle (tm). …

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Vape vs Cigs

The debate over vaping or electronic cigarettes is raging. Those of you who don’t vape may have heard nothing. However I quit smoking after a few years due to vaping. Why did it help? I had something to puff on, it had fun flavors, I can get any level of nicotine (within reason) I want. I asked my husband what he thought of vaping vs smoking, keep in mind hubby is a non smoker. Here is his list:

  • His clothes don’t smell like cigarettes
  • He’s not kissing an ashtray
  • Vape won’t burn holes in clothing or furniture
  • We can …

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A Thank You Brings a Smile

Well for those of you who follow my blog you know I haven’t been writing, in fact I’ve been asking you to write postcards and send them to me. This past Saturday I was part of a very special ceremony. I wanted to thank a WWII Veteran. I started by asking fellow members of Soldiers Angels for postcards and then writing a blog about Edward Middleton a 94 year old WWII veteran. Well it seems my postcard book has made a splash.

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Edward Middleton A True Member of The Greatest Generation

20131210-155410.jpgI’ve decided to honor a WWII vet who is truly an amazing man. First let me say that I know this man personally. I have volunteered with him at the Airborne & Special Operations Museum in Fayetteville North Carolina.

Ed was born in Baltimore Maryland in 1919. He grew up during the Great Depression. Ed was forced into the role of breadwinner at age 12. He took odd jobs delivering groceries and newspapers. He then went to work …

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What A Busy Time Of Year

Don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining but I’ve been so busy I have been wanting to  write but there has been little time. So what have I been up to? Well let’s see: I’ve been doing nanowrimo. That is where you write 50,000 words in thirty days. Yes that means writing. I’ve also been a bit under the weather I slept for three days this week. Thankfully I’m feeling better. Thanks for asking.

To add to all of this I’ve been helping coordinate Jewish activities here at Fort Bragg. Hanukkah starts the day before, yes I …

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The New Prince and a bit of a rant

I watched along with the rest of the world as the new Prince of Cambridge made his first public appearance. I was then amazed at the normalcy displayed by the simple act of his father Prince William driving his family home. This made me ponder the young child’s upbringing.

The fact that he is royalty will most certainly have an impact however I can also see William and Kate insisting on some normalcy. My guess (no I’m not an avid royal watcher) is that they will raise him with morals, values and teach him the value of hard work. The …

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