I’ve been keeping a HUGE secret….

I can finally share the huge secret that I’ve been working on for the past year. Well since May of 2016, so almost a year. You have no idea how many times I wanted to say something, but didn’t because it needed to be kept quiet for a variety of reasons, at least my involvement was kept quiet.

If you’ve dissected every social media post and comment you might have caught the faintest of glimmers. Otherwise you’ve been in the dark. Even my in-laws didn’t know until Thanksgiving, but I swore them to secrecy as well. Well the paper work …

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Thanksgiving 2016

Stop the presses!!!

I’ve been asked so many times for my Thanksgiving day advice I put it all on it’s own page


No I know it’s not yet Thanksgiving this post is about how you can have less stress planning that big meal. Now if you are cooking another holiday meal with a similar menu many of these tips and tricks will still work.


Step 1: I plan a huge menu, more than I usually cook, but no one be me sees the big plan. Once I have every possible thing …

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I took a month off…


I finished editing my manuscript. Let’s face it, I was worn out. I walked, well rolled away from my keyboard. I needed time away from the pressure of writing, and editing. I did occasionally write, but it was work on a short story or two not my manuscript. 89,000 words is a lot of typing and thinking. There was a second reason for me “dropping off the planet.” My husband who had been gone for a year was on leave. I’m back now, feeling refreshed. I’m sorry if you felt like I had neglected or abandoned you, but it …

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Fighting Spirit

When a friend showed me Shadow Eagle by Andrei Kope, I knew I had found the artist that could bring an image of the American Bald Eagle to life and give him Fighting Spirit.

I commissioned Andrei Kope to create the piece of the American bald eagle with a flag and I’m definitely not disappointed. Every few days, Andrei teased me with images of his progress, allowing me to put in my two cents. The eagle quickly took on a life of its own and I was getting a patriotic shot in the arm. Below are some of the images …

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Customer Service makes all the difference.

A deployed husband and an Army wife in a wheelchair, add to that the fact I know nothing about vehicles or much of anything involving tools and you have a recipe for disaster. Between the wheelchair and two cars I have 12 wheels that all need to be maintained and kept operational.

Things that complicate these issues:

I hate driving my husbands car, no seriously I wont do it.

I can’t be without my van, nope not even for one night.

I’m not the best at tightening the nuts and bolts on my chair, I know where they are but tightening …

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Brad Thor, I blame you for changing my life. (For the better)

First those of you who don’t know me, I must confess I’m a huge Brad Thor fan.

  • Seriously, I blame you for two to three sleepless nights a year, yes your books are that good.
  • For getting me to start writing again
  • For me finishing my manuscript
  • For getting me on a plane for the first time in three years
    • I had a gift to deliver so my husband David takes some of the blame for this one.
  • For getting me and countless other Americans to open our eyes and take a serious look …

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Be Respectful

The Flag of this great nation

Every night the citizens of this great country sleep undisturbed because others are standing guard. Less than 10% of this nation has served in the military. Also these days it seems as if being a police officer is a bad thing. Both the military and police officers have tough jobs, show them the support and respect they deserve.

I’d like to thank all those who protect and serve us be they police, fire, emergency medical, …

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