Customer Service makes all the difference.

A deployed husband and an Army wife in a wheelchair, add to that the fact I know nothing about vehicles or much of anything involving tools and you have a recipe for disaster. Between the wheelchair and two cars I have 12 wheels that all need to be maintained and kept operational.

Things that complicate these issues:

I hate driving my husbands car, no seriously I wont do it.

I can’t be without my van, nope not even for one night.

I’m not the best at tightening the nuts and bolts on my chair, I know where they are but tightening …

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Rant: Show some consideration….

Ann Bell Feinstein

Today I wanted to go the convenience store here on post during lunchtime. I was hungry and needed a few small items they normally have. So I chose the one closest to my home, not my normal one. When I arrived all of the handicapped spaces were full and not all of them had placards or license plats allowing them to park in these spaces. I do have a placard and with my wheelchair it’s almost a necessity. I drove around the lot for twenty minutes finally a handicapped space opened up. I still couldn’t use it. Why? Someone riding …

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I think I live in Mayberry

I live in a place where kids still play outside and neighbors still talk to each other. I can ask any random neighbor for a favor and have no worries. I have to be careful when I’m driving home to make sure I don’t run into a child on a bike. From what I hear this is not what the average person in America experiences in this day and age.

I live on a US Army base, in fact it’s a mega base (aka a huge base). It’s a small city, we have two grocery stores (commissaries) and two stores …

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A Mom who cares (Baltimore Riot)

Like the rest of the country I was glued to the coverage of the riots in Baltimore. Nope I’m not taking a position on the overall mess except to say we don’t know all the facts yet. One other thing, why destroy your own neighborhood?

Anyway I was watching the coverage online when I saw this. A mother who went to the riots and found her son to take him home. The video is well worth the watch.

A mom who cared enough to go get her son off …

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An open letter to congress!!

Okay I understand that there were some breaks in protocol concerning the invitation of Prime Minister Netanyahu. This is not the first thing I would call a break in protocol. No other president has stuck his tongue out in a selfie. I consider this a breech of protocol as it demeans the office. All presidents must understand that the office is bigger than any one president. This is something I think this president in particular has overlooked.

I think what PM Netanyahu has to say on the issue of our negotiations with Iran  is important. His country is a lot closer …

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I think It’s the 1930’s again. Can we learn from history?

Comparing ISIL to 1939 Germany:


First off I feel that I must explain a few things you might not know about me:

  • I am a news junkie.
  • I have a love for history.
  • I am Jewish, yes a practicing Jew.
  • I watched every minute of the twenty-two minute video showing the Jordanian pilot being burned to death.

First I must explain what prompted me to watch such a horrific video. I wanted to see the horror with my own eyes. I felt it was also a way to look into the past, I thought about the concentration …

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