Writing is Fueled by Caffeine


Every writer I know enjoys a hot beverage of some kind while they craft words into stories. I’m no exception. The above photo contains my three favorite vessels for hot caffeine delivery. Each one has a story behind it, I’ve decided to share those steamy tales.

Going from Left to Right:

The mug on the left is one of my own creation, in fact followers of my blog may recognize it from an earlier post. I commissioned this piece of artwork and decided I wanted to surround myself with it so I had some photo mugs made using the artwork. I feel my words have fighting spirit and wanted to be able to hold it in my hand hence the mug.

The center mug is one that was purchased for my as an early Valentine’s Day present from my loving husband. He knows I’m a huge Brad Thor fan and was looking to add to my mug collection so he thoughtfully selected it for me. I love it. If you’ve read my about page, you’ll also know my own words are inspired by Brad Thor as well as other outstanding authors in my genre.

The mug on the far right has been held in my hand to the longest. I wish I could recall where it was purchased or when, but alas I can’t (neither can my husband). I have been consuming caffeine from this patriotic vessel for some time. I have a strong sense of American pride (just ask anyone, even my NZ writing partner).

I love the feeling  of that hot steamy mug in my hands while I watch my characters come to life on the page in front of me.

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