Why I drive in….

Well since I seem to be on a service kick…

Yes I’m talking about Sonic Drive In. I have a favorite location it’s in Fayetteville NC on Skibo rd, yep the one across from that big box store that’s always crowded. Okay I’ve been going there so long, half of the staff knows my vehicle and sometimes they have my drink ready before I can hit the red button. Yep I get the same thing, every time I’m there.


First I can be just plain lazy, no need to get out of the car. Second the staff there is AWESOME. I’ve had a few food & drink hiccups, but they were always fixed quickly and with a smile. I’m there an average of 5-6 days a week. Third I can control the heat & ac and make it just perfect.

Why, sometimes I’m reading, writing, plotting for Nanowrimo, or just plain hiding out.


Now that we moved across town I must admit that I’ll drive the extra few miles to go to my favorite sonic. I love seeing my smiling friends every time I pull in. Keep up the awesome service and keep an eye out out for your Large Diet Dr. Pepper with pineapple fan.

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