Where else did I go….

After spending the night at Andrews Air Force base hotel, we headed out to explore the base a bit. The Air Force does have some great static displays.

IMG_2337We found this one near the flight line aka the runway. We were not far from the hanger of Airforce One, hoping there was an old one on display, nope just this small jet.

After a bit more roaming around we went off in search of lunch.

We then headed for one of the most recognized tourist destinations.

Arlington National Cemetery.

Our first stop was John F. Kennedy’s grave. Our next stop was the resting place of Audie Murphy.


After that was the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers. Yes of course we watched the changing of the guard. We there were lucky enough to chat with one of of the off duty sentinels of this historic place.

These men and women are truly amazing. I found out why they don’t wear any symbol of rank when guarding the tomb. They don’t want to out rank the Unknown soldiers they are watching over.


We then found our way to the memorials for those who have perished attempting to reach the stars. Not far from here was a memorial I have never before noticed. It honored those who died trying to rescue the hostages held in Iran. For you movies watchers this mission was referenced in Argo.


Okay one last thing before I found before we left. Did you know the U.S. used glider pilots in WWII? I only know this from my volunteer work at ASOM.



We walked about three miles that day. After exploring these and many more of the stories of those who gave their last full measure in service to our country, David and I rolled for home.

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