When a picture is all you have left

If you follow my blog, you know I started a Facebook page to help reunite with their lost photos and mementos that were scattered when the tornadoes hit. Okay I was once again asked to explain why I took my time and energy to do this. 

What if you woke up and found everything was gone, your house no longer existed, your whole world had been torn apart; what could you cling to?

Memories of course. What is a better memory than that special trinket or photo. It may look like nothing to others, but always makes you smile. Yes that’s it over there on the shelf.

I was watching a live feed from a local TV station online, and watched as a reporter held up photos that had been handed to her, by a first responder. That made me think of the fate of hundreds maybe thousands of items tossed about.

Something had to be done. After a brief internet search I decided to start a simple Facebook page. Once I started it I recruited longtime Okie friend Robert Routt, to lend a hand. He already handles a few pages, and I don’t always get as much time online as I’d like. so with that Mementos From Moore was born.

Put yourself in the shoes of the victims, nothing is normal you just want that one thing to be found.


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