What my “Dad” means to me…

I must start off by saying I don’t know my biological father, my parents divorced at an early age. I did attempt to establish a relationship with him when I was in my 20’s, he wasn’t interested. The man I refer to as “Dad” in my blogs is really a great friend, who has been there for me for several years.

This wonderful man is part of what i call my chosen family. I never had a sister yet I found two women who fill that role in my life. As far as brothers go, I’ve got plenty I’m an Army wife, my husbands buddies tend to fill that role. I’ve never had a Dad in my life, and then I met Perry. Perry is the person referred to in this blog as Dad.

My Dad has been there for all of the important things in my life.

He’s a great listener.

He gives sage advice.

He’s a man I’m proud to know, in fact I wish I’d gotten to know him sooner.

He walked me down the aisle in front of my friends and other members of my chosen family.

He’s supportive of my projects, and always willing to take some time to help me out.

All I can say is Thank you Dad for all you do. I wish I’d known you all my life.

With your help I know my manuscript will turn into a well polished novel.

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