What I was doing vs what I should have been doing

Well I just couldn’t get back into my writing. I was missing my gamer friends. So… I went on my favorite minecraft server. I all but stopped playing in November, due in large part to Nanowrimo, writing 2,000 words a day or so seems to consume most of my spare time. Most days I don’t mind and find my writing fun. Every once in a while I just need to take a break. It worked sort of.
I found myself building some of the places in my novel. So much for a break, but now I can picture them better, they exist well one of the buildings does anyway if only in an online world. This novel has spurred me on to finish, or at least help with the building of Vatican City on the server. Yes this server is crazy enough to build the whole of Vatican City. We have a ton of huge community builds. There are few things we wont build. We have the C terminal of ATL, a terrarium that goes from bedrock to skybox built with obsidian and lapis blocks, we have a villager trading center, grinders of various types, and a transportation network that would make most city planners green with envy. Unlike a lot of the servers filled with teenagers who break things and steal things, this is an adult server. This server has been in existence since server based worlds started.
On a totally unrelated note, I love cats be refuse to have a litter box. My older cat Diana is toilet trained. Yes the human toilet, she climbs up on the seat and conducts her business. No she doesn’t flush. Well kitten Philip has been learning since the day we brought him home, at 8 weeks of age. He surprised my husband this morning by getting up on the toilet without the training aid, and conducting his own kitty business. This makes me very very happy. If you want photos the cats using the toilet post a comment about it and I will post pictures.
Well I am going to try and tweak my novel a bit now that hubby has left for work.

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