What have I been up to?

Well I took a road trip. Why? I turned a simple trip that could have been done in 2 days and turned it into a 3000 + mile road trip. Why?

I decided that using the car and driving I could get more done.

I left my home in NC and headed out for OK. I did have a traveling companion, Philip our kitten.


Philip had never been on a long road trip before, but he eventually adjusted.

I stopped in OK to see my Dad. The went on to Fort Riley in KS to help another Army wife.

After completing this I stopped in to see Dad once more before leaving OK. Then I headed down to San Antonio TX.

I was headed for the Soldiers Angels warehouse.



Here I dropped off the extra items we had from the drive for items for the barracks rooms of single soldiers returning from deployment, and picked up the blankets I needed to complete this task.


Sidetracked note this is just a few of the coins and other items that are proudly shown off at the Soldiers Angels warehouse.


With my van reloaded with 75 handmade blankets, I once again took to the road. Next stop Huntsville AL. I was stopping there to meet a soldier I had adopted through a few tours.

The next morning I took off for home, only to be struck by the desire to get my husband some of his favorite bagels. When I realized I would not make it to the bagel shop in time I had to call in the reinforcements.

My in-laws were more than happy to pick up my last minute order and meet me just off the interstate. Now having the bagels, and a few other goodies secured in my van I rolled for home.

I arrived tired but pleased with everything I had accomplished on this trip.


Now I need to get back to my Novel. Another chapter awaits, a freshly created one that was not in the original outline.


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