Vape vs Cigs

The debate over vaping or electronic cigarettes is raging. Those of you who don’t vape may have heard nothing. However I quit smoking after a few years due to vaping. Why did it help? I had something to puff on, it had fun flavors, I can get any level of nicotine (within reason) I want. I asked my husband what he thought of vaping vs smoking, keep in mind hubby is a non smoker. Here is his list:

  • His clothes don’t smell like cigarettes
  • He’s not kissing an ashtray
  • Vape won’t burn holes in clothing or furniture
  • We can stay in non-smoking hotel rooms
  • He doesn’t see a cloud of smoke come out of my van when I open the door.
  • He doesn’t hear me cough every morning

Okay so I agree with his thoughts I don’t want to go back to cigarettes. Okay I tried the e-cigs that look like cigarettes before I went to an actual vape store. I hated the cigalikes and knew there had to be something better out there. After three days of hating the cigalike I wandered into a local vape store. What did I find?

  • Two knowledgeable ladies, Jennifer & Julie
  • A pleasant smell
  • Jennifer and her cohort Julie had the patience¬†of saints.
  • They answered all of my questions, I was there for almost two hours.
  • Lots of fun colors and choices, all designed to guide me away from cigs.
  • The store doesn’t allow anyone under 18 to enter.

I left with 1 battery that was good for 8-9 hours of vaping, a bottle or two of juice and something to hold the juice. All went well for a day or so then the battery died just when I needed it most. Well the lovely duo of Jennifer and Julie had tried to warn me of this and sell me two batteries, i thought I’d do okay. I was wrong. I ran back the vape store the very next day and got a whole second kit. That was about a year ago. Well my collection has continued to grow as you can see.

My Vape Box

I went so far as to give a good friend his own beginning vape setup. I’d rather smell like melons, snicker doodles, butterscotch, or mint ¬†than a cig. So I say give vape a chance…

If you bought something from a gas station and tell me you don’t like vape, I’ll tell you to visit a vape store before you decide anything. In fact visit two different vape stores.

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