Tragedy in Boston and how it can change plot lines

First off I want to offer my thoughts and prayers for those who were killed or injured in the terrorist attack on the Boston marathon.

Next comes the army wife, many thanks to the soldiers both National guard and active duty who were there, and immediately jumped into action. Tyler who is a member of the armed forces comforted a woman named Victoria wants to thank you. 

Now the writer in me will take over. How many writers particularly those who write suspense and thrillers ever thought of this. I urge you to write your plot lines with one thing in mind, please don’t make your book a how to manual for an attack. Keep the details of how to build bombs in your research notes, while interesting and informative let’s not hand over that information. If you choose to include details about the bombs in your novels alter the specifics so they are not instructive.

I was thinking of this as I listened to the news yesterday and worked on my novel. I know anyone can google the information but let’s as a community not hand it to them even by accident in a novel. 

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