The sounds of Freedom

Tonight I sat with my injured right leg up as my husband David, watched his alma mater play in the college world series. Yep, he had a beer in hand. The game was momentarily drowned out by the sounds of helicopters flying overhead. This was preceded by artillery training.

I have heard that some people living on base complain about the sounds caused by night time training exercises, I never have. To me just like the sounds of baseball coming from the TV they are the sounds of freedom. David made the choice to join the Army, I made the choice to marry him. We then chose to live on base, so I see no reason to complain about the sounds of freedom.

I for one smile when I hear a drone overheard, or helicopters roaring about. Even our cats have adjusted, they have both grown up hearing artillery fire from training, and helicopters. I call them army cats. I completely understand that the military, especially here at Fort Bragg, needs to be ready to operate in any and all conditions, not just daylight.

So let my windows rattle, and try to drown out my tv shows.  I will still smile about being part of the Army Family.

Yes I still write when the artillery booms in the distance, and think about my plot as the helicopters thunder overhead. Sometimes the noises break loose plot bunnies and cause them to hop about giving me plenty of ideas. Now if I could just keep those army cats of mine off the keyboard I might get more writing done.

(Please note plot bunnies are what I call ideas, we don’t own, nor do we want any real bunnies.)


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