The perfect day to write…. NOT

The day started as a promising day to write, especially when the weather turned bad. Yes it snowed here at my home in NC. This is not a common occurrence. Well unfortunately despite wanting nothing more than to settle in at my keyboard and get some writing done, life called.

We are having some friends over for lunch tomorrow. I still needed to shop for some of the food, but…. it was snowing. To say the least going out was the last thing I wanted to do, but… It had to be done.

I did get some comedic relief when I took our kitten Philip out on his leash. Yes our cats are leash trained, they also use the toilet there is no litter box at our house. I made the decision to take Philip out in the snow when he tried to get out of the door three times. So I grabbed his harness and leash and out we went.

I could not resist posting a picture of our dear Mr. Philip in the snow.

Cats don’t like to get wet, but it was snowing, and he was driving me nuts so out we went.
He kept lifting his paws and shaking them, and kept trying to get away from “that cold wet white stuff.”
Shortly after that it was off to the store, now I was the one not wanting to be out in that cold wet stuff. I sucked it up and we got the shopping done fairly quickly.

I think I need a hot cup of tea now.

He was not impressed

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