The Night the lights went out…

It was late, we will just say 0-dark thirty (oh dark thirty) which is slang for late or really early in the military. I was pounding keys, hubby was napping on the sofa. (I gave up on him going to bed hours before this.)

When all of the sudden it went dark, not just the room I was in but, the entire neighborhood. Given I was working on a particularly violent scene, this truly startled me. With some effort I roused hubby from his sleep, but the spell was broken, even after securing an oil lamp I could not go back to that scene. 

Normally I would have begun pacing, however since I’m recovering from ankle surgery this was not an option. After contacting housing, hubby dutifully went back to sleep! I was stressed the scene I had been writing began playing itself out in my mind. (Remember I’m writing a thriller, this happened to be one of most intense scenes in the novel.) I had to stop the scene in my head, it was haunting me.

I finally managed to get Philip (one of our cats) to join me in the recliner. His lovely comforting purr was soon chasing the scene from my head. Then I was able to drift off to meet with the zzzz monster.

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