The Chaos

I was inspired to write this by my friend Judy’s blog about juggling.

The deadline loomed, but which to tackle first? The plane that would be arriving would wait for no one, neither would the date the manuscript was due. There were goody bags to pack, rooms to check and words needed to fill pages.

Which way is the army wife to run first. The organized chaos that is FRG consumed the days and a few nights as well. Not all planes land during normal hours, especially when the military is involved.

The bags were packed by a herd of spouses volunteering to stuff them to their gills. The list of rooms was a task for others, but the FRG still needed to find it.

How many men and women were going to be staying? Where were they staying? Who had the keys. All of this and more loomed large as words of my manuscript danced in my head. The shortage of tea and poptarts was overcome with a  quick dash to the store. The water was found and hoisted into place to await the thirsty soldiers.

The inlaws were coming, that meant help was on the horizon. Yawn I must type despite the hour. Wait they changed the time again, it’s not happening at night, now it’s 4am.

A series of hasty calls and texts assured her that the plane was indeed in the air and would soon be there. The words were not yet done, they would have to  wait. She’d waited  all year for that hug. There was nothing that was going to keep her from the waiting aching arms of her husband. Yes, she knew her editor needed her words, but her husband needed her.

Finally he was here. Now the problems were over. No! He wanted her time and attention yet the voices in her head screamed we have a story to tell. The van decided to act up and threw a wrench into all of her plans. Handle it all she must.

Suddenly words flowed onto the sheets of paper until there were bed sheets that needed to be found. They both flew into place, with the help of others. Her mind refused to focus her arms refused to type she wanted to hold him again.

Once he slumbered down the hall her internal struggle increased. She needed to spend time with the words she loved but also pined for the man she couldn’t imagine not loving. Finally the words fell into place as he lay nearby letting her know all was well.


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