The Box (Flash Fiction)

It starts out as a flat piece of cardboard, I add some tape to make it hold its shape.

Sometimes I’ll decorate the inside as if it were an extra hug.

I then pick out the items to fill the void. Each item is special and filled with love and joy. I place them in the box with care. I make sure the box is full with no room to spare. Once I think its full I close it and give it a shake. Then comes the smaller things. Each is like a hug, I want to show you my love how much I care.

Once I’m sure it can hold no more in goes the letter written just for you.

I seal it with care and hope it shows you just how much I care. I send it on the long journey to you I track each step as best I can because it contains more than just stuff it contains a piece of my heart.

I await until it reaches you and hope you feel the hugs and love when you open the box I packed just for you.

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