Taming the sea of words

Staring at a sea of words that had been written, many in haste others in desperation it was now time to wade through the sea and focus the tide. Editing was painful at first the words had become almost like children, she didn’t want to cut a single one. Yet it must be done.

Slowly one word, then another. Some erased others changed. Soon entire sentences were moved, erased or sculpted to fit the needs of the story. Tears flowed at times as discipline was forced on the children of the page.

It was hard and tedious but the knowledge that it would make the story stronger forced the writer to continue. The writer slogged on forcing the sea to obey. It must obey if the story was going to gain strength.

The story must be strong to withstand the flames of critique. The writer sharpened and strengthened the words until it was herculean. Then it was allowed to be viewed by others and prove its might.


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