Stuck at a cross roads

I am sitting here doing some writing sessions with a fellow writer. What is a writing session, well we set a time frame and each work on our own projects. My usual writing partner is not even on the same continent as I am but we get a lot done when we work together. Since I am stuck I decided to take a break from the novel and post a few lines from it. Yes these lines are a bit out of context but…. I can’t give the whole story away now can I.

Chapter 1 (this is actually the opening line)

Kate struggles against the duct tape that binds her hands behind her back, and she wonders if three years of serving her country may come to an end right here.

Chapter 2

…. After a wonderful breakfast they walk the hallowed halls of the Vatican until they reach Dominic’s office. Dominic’s office is in an area off limits to tourists…..

Well that’s all for now.

What does the Vatican have to do with this? If that’s your question this is not a take off on any other books, it’s a meeting point, more than that I won’t say.

The 2 biggest questions on my mind are:

Are we out of coffee (that’s a crime in this house)

How do I get rid of my writers block type issue?

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