Pizza and a wheelchair

Many years ago I was working my way through college. who didn’t in the 90’s? I was working at a pizza place. It was late and I was trying to close things down so I could go home, I’d been there all day, yes I had opened that day.

This one night stuck with me as did the last call I took. My delivery driver had just left for the night since we were closing in five minutes, and the last thing I wanted to do was deliver a pizza myself. The man on the phone was staying in a motel a few miles away, I tried to convince him that to come pick up the pizza, even offering a discount. The caller explained he was in a wheelchair, I sighed. I’m sure he heard the sigh but I did deliver that pizza and threw in a few drinks to go along with it, not to mention the paper plates and napkins. When I arrived he was sitting there in a wheelchair.

This was the first person other than my aunt I’d ever seen up close in a wheelchair. I knew I couldn’t stay but that call has stuck with me. Now all of these years later I totally understand how he must have been feeling that night. He was tired and maybe sore getting back in the car was the last thing he wanted to do. It has taken over a decade but now I finally get what was going on that night. I just wish I had a better Ann Bell Feinsteinawareness of wheelchairs back then. I someone in a wheelchair asks for help they probably need it. I personally have a “big mouth” policy. I have a big mouth and know how to use it if I need help.


For those of you keeping up with my writing, I have not given up on it. I’m taking a year with off and on writing to get KLRNRadio up and running properly.

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