PDQ a company that does it right!

Like most Americans I eat more fast food than is responsible, but I recently found a new favorite. PDQ, I was blown away by the food, they make it all fresh, and the quality shows. The staff is friendly and outgoing and downright amazing. As if awesome chicken tenders weren’t enough, they are hands down the most wheelchair friendly business I have visited! No comparison, not even handicapped accessible hotel rooms are this easy to deal with. 

I went in with my husband and found my favorite soda machine the Coke Freestyle (tm). As if getting my strawberry powerade zero fix wasn’t good enough when I pointed out that a person in a wheelchair would have difficulty reaching several items on the condiment bar the management went right to work to figure out how to solve the problem. I was back two days later and it was vastly improved. I was shocked that a company could or would react that quickly.

A few days later I was in the drive thru, I was amazed once again. There was no scratchy speaker the deal with! This was a hugely refreshing change. You pull up and place your order at a window with a real live human being. They eliminated the order confusion of the scratchy speaker box. They also have small menu’s to hand out at the window so everyone can read it instead of leaning over each other to read the sign.  

I have food allergies and never need to worry here, they will customize anything for me. This includes their salad dressing! what a pleasant shock. Yes even their dressing is made fresh. How many restaurants, let alone “fast food” can say that?

Everything I have eaten from PDQ has been outstanding. They can even satisfy that craving for a turkey sandwich any time of year. Now burger devotes they don’t have any beef, but even my beef loving husband enjoys their chicken sandwiches and salads. 

The only downside, if you can call it that is that they are not drive thru in 30 seconds or less, but you can’t cook chicken to order that fast anyway. Oh I almost forgot, you are not an order number here, the staff uses your name for your order. 

Oh and before you ask they didn’t ask me to write this blog post, but I was so blown away I just had to tell everyone about this amazing place.


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