My thoughts on Independence Day (not the movie)

As an army wife this day brings many emotions to the forefront. Note all of these thoughts are ramblings are mine and mine alone. I don’t take an opinion poll before I write, I just write.

Fireworks, they weren’t the first explosives over our flag.

Independence is freedom. Freedom is never free, as we can lose it before the reality sinks in.

The meaning of the day is somewhat lost in the sales and cookouts. This day is supposed to remind us of why we can speak our mind. No don’t cancel the cookout, just add some history to it. Grab a smart phone and read some history about the day before the burgers are served. Have the kids draw pictures of flags from our past. All I am saying dont forget why you have this day off.

Now what this day means to me. It’s bitter sweet, as I think of the freedom I have which brings to mind those who had the courage to swim against the tide to give me my freedom. Our founding fathers broke with Great Britain at great personal risk, they gathered to change this land forever. They swore allegiance by promising their lives, fortunes and sacred honor.

This was a time when a persons word was their bond, and their reputation depended on them keeping their word. So go ahead and cookout, just do something to make others aware of why this day is much more than cookouts and fireworks.

The Declaration of Independence is an amazing document, take a moment to read it. Ponder this piece of our great history.

I will raise a glass to our founding fathers on this day as I do every year.


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