Juggling Act

I was chatting with a friend yesterday, we were comparing schedules trying to figure out when to meet in person for lunch. After she looked at my schedule she asked me “How do you keep all of this straight and stay sane?”

I smiled and commented there is method in my madness. I will let all of you in on the secret.

It’s planning!

I use my outlook calendar that gets synced with my iPhone, if it isn’t on the calendar don’t hold your breath, not likely to happen. I also schedule everything in 15 minute blocks of time. 

I will start with the big picture, what do I need?

1. Sleep

2. Time with hubby

3. Time to write based on my goals.

4. Time for volunteer work.

So open up a digital calendar, I use outlook.

Block out time for sleep, I block out 8 hours a night, do I get all 8 no not every night.

Next I put 1 date night a week on the calendar, usually Saturday, then if you are religious block out the time for that.

If you have a job other than writing block out that time next, don’t forget commute time.

For me it’s volunteer activities I know when some of these take place well in advance. For me I go to the Airborne & Special Operations Museum every Tuesday morning.

Next add time for holidays if you didn’t include them with the religious items.

Okay I think you are getting the picture. You are essentially making appointments with yourself.

Now you have a frame, so we can add in time for writing, researching etc.

My calendar looks like a rainbow since I use a different color for everything.

I am currently doing a number of short term projects, so I add in time to work on them. The cat has an appointment I add that as well. No kids here but, you would schedule their activities the same way.

Am I ever double booked?

Once in a while, but, most of the time I avoid the confusion since I have that frame in place. 

I have routines that I don’t even think about anymore for the daily things, such as housework. I try and plan meals in advance, and yes they get added to the calendar too.

When Mr. Murphy comes calling I know exactly what I can move with the fewest issues. 

If you want to know more about the housework and how it comes together, I use Flylady. I adapted many of the things I learned from “flying” to help me structure my life and it works out well.


Now if I can just structure chapter 6 a bit better…..

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