It Finally Came

Today was the day we started making beds and filling the rooms with snacks for the returning soldiers of the 1-7 ADA. I can’t post the exact dates due to operational security, but I will say that the first group returns soon. The rest of the 1-7 ADA will follow shortly.

A group of 3 soldiers and 5 dedicated Army wives took up the task of gathering and readying the supplies the returning soldiers would need. The married soldiers will go home to their families, but what about those single soldiers who will be staying in the barracks?


This would be their welcome home after a deployment serving your country, if others did not step in. Well none of us want to see these soldiers enter their barracks room late at night with nothing open, and most likely no vehicle handy, having just gotten off a long plane flight and see this.

So action was taken.


Thanks to donations from many this is what those warriors will find. A bed that is already made, a hand made blanket from the Soldiers Angels Sewing team, towels, toiletries, and all the things they will need for their first days at home. There is a welcome home card or note for each soldier on the bed waiting to remind them that their service has not been forgotten.

Many thanks to all of those who donated.


  1. An angel from MI

    As I worked on some homemade Welcome Home cards for the single soldiers, I felt my heart grow, a little motherly love and prayer surround each one. I had to do a little something as if they were my own child returning. God bless each and every one of them.

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