How a Cuties Clementine made me laugh

It was a normal Wednesday David was already out the door, I was sitting eating some food with my coffee. I won’t call it breakfast, since it was leftovers from dinner the other night. (I’m not a huge fan of breakfast foods, at least not first thing in the day.) After my turkey sausage and mac n cheese I grabbed a cuties clementine.


Well as the box says they as supposed to be seedless. Well this one was far from seedless. At first I was annoyed at the seeds, then it soon became so ridiculous I was laughing. I snapped this photo and tweeted it out to @cutiescitrus. I never expected a response.

Well shortly after I tweeted it, the company responded. I was shocked, fewer companies seem to know the meaning of customer service, let alone how to give a timely response. Not only did they explain this seedy exception, they asked me to send them my address so they could send me a coupon for more cuties. First thanks Cuties, I love these things, other brands just aren’t the same.

Thanks also for restoring my faith in companies, I’ve had a few bad experiences of late and things always seem to be worse around the holidays.

Now where did I put my mug time for more coffee. Oh and for you fans who come here for my writing here’s an excerpt. (Jaye is on the phone)

“Go for Jaye. Are you safe?” she stated, she sat listening as she squeezed a tennis ball in her left hand.

“I found Ulceridge’s body, and you’re not going to like it.  It doesn’t appear he was interrogated, but you really wont like the cause of death.” Said the clipped tone of the man on the other end of the line. “He was poisoned, it looks like VX the nerve agent, the final results wont be in for a few hours, but the lab is already on it.

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