Hello World

Hi I am a new writer. I am currently working on a spy thriller. I started this as a Nanowrimo project and hope to get it published. Follow me along my journey; you never know what I will post.

My hobbies include geocaching, soldiers Angels, and volunteering at the Airborne and Special Operations Museum (ASOM). I have been volunteering with Soldiers Angels since 2003. I just started volunteering with ASOM after we moved to FT Bragg NC. When I am not writing or taking care of the fur kids Philip & Diana I might be building something in minecraft, or just hanging out with hubby.

            Hubby is active duty army, I am very proud of him and his service to our country. In fact the rascal nominated me for Military spouse of the year!

            I could not keep it together without Flylady. Flylady is an organizational system that breaks everything down to manageable steps.

            Please note while my novel is going through a serious editing process I feel the blog does not need to go through the same process, so errors may be present.


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